Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


(ps. I fried yesterdays picture... snapping todays... :D)
ah vel...

Happy lazy sunday.

~ more wake up sweats...
~ shower...
~ clothes
~ advil... yeah... head achy today.
~ 3 more sections of the RFP and I'm done! then I can truly embrace the notion of time off.
~ need to zoooooooooom off to a store... fingers have been doing all the walking but I think I've got it nailed down.
(that's cryptic santa talk, btw)
~ to make more kifli dough... need to have fresh fresh cookies when Kimberly (kimberly27616) gets here... :)
~ a major change to my web site (at over the holidays... fun fun fun... I like geeking out. :D
~ well, for starters that I didn't have this head ache.
~ that I was going to LOTR tonight ... but alas... earwax.*
~ that I get the chance to make the birthday wish zone today... there are five - 5! - birthdays today on my friends list. :D

Now, however, I must away... apparently someone (read: child) decided it would be a good idea to toss a bag of stuff into the garage as if it were garbage... :( not sure what that's about but I'm about to find out. :D

* one of my fav "hey copy that" lines from the first Harry Potter Movie...
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