Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

rainbow trout

Ok... just 'cause I'm really jazzed about how well it came out...

So I picked up two nice fillets of rainbow trout (pinky red on one side and fish-skin on the other) at the grocery store.
Two full fillets cost about $7 (cdn) total and easily fed Z and I.

Made rice and a veggi to go with...

The fillets;

~ lay they out on a cutting board, skin down.
~ wipe them off with a clean cloth... just a quick surface oil thing.
~ season salt and pepper
~ dust with chilli powder
~ drip some hot sauce over them... maybe 8 drips each... from one of those dribble bottles of tres spicy hot sauce... tex/mex kind of "hot" versus sushi hot ... you know what I mean?
~ bread crumbs and flour in a bowl, well blended... put a bunch over the fillets (looks pretty messy but don't worry.)
~ in a cast iron skillet or some fry pan, medium heat... add just a wee bit of vegitable oil...
~ it (pan and oil) should be spit-sizzle hot.
~ put the fish in the pan, skin down.
~ it mostly cooks just as is... about 4 minutes... you see the pink turn milky pink ...
~ as it's cooking, oils rise up and get the bread crumbs kinda wet or moist
~ flip it to sear the bread crumbs...

You're done... and lemmi tell ya, it was fan-freaking-tastic. :D
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