Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

holy birthday bonanza...

Happy Birthday yo!

Happy Birthday to Melanie! (mellusions)
May you find yourself grinning at your own private copy of The Two Towers asap! :D
No seriously though, Happy Birthday and I do hope you have a wonderful year. I look forward to staying in touch as this next year winds it's way into the past. :D

Happy Birthday to thinktink as well!!!
You share your birthday with Frank Zappa, Samuel L. Jackson and Andy Dick... make of that what you will! (LOL).
I hope you have a grand adventure in this next year and I look forward to our continued friendship. :D

Happy Birthday to you(s) ... Happy Birthday to you(s)... Happy Birthday dear Tink and Wic... Happy Birhtday to you.

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