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See that ?? that thing in my hands... it's a 128 meg mini USB drive... plug it into your USB port and it's an instant storage media. My boss gave one to my coworker and I as christmas prezzies... I LOVE THIS THING... tres cool and uber handy.

Our office had a sort of office party yesterday afternoon... and I spent all last night (and this morning) dealing with my body rejecting the finger foods I scarfed down. Talk about regrets... blech. There was a lot of booze at this thing.... wine and beer... and this doesnt really make sense to me... I mean, everybody had cars at work and had to drive home... ??

Last night was all about not being at the computer... except to post the survivor update and spend time chillin with my sugar. We're getting into the holiday thing and feeling pretty good... :D and I'm looking sooooo forward to kimberly27616 and nortacon's visit on the 26th...

~ wake up sweats and sleep goop...
~ to wrap a bunch of stuff before Z wakes up... :)
~ to play...
~ to relax...
~ to revel in the begining moments of two entire weeks off work...
~ (actually, I have to finish that bid stuff before monday ... so I had to bring it home... ick)
~ I didn't have to do the bid stuff...
~ that all is well with my friend jessarose and I know it's not great but ... well, it will get better.
~ that canuckgirl has a great trip to and time in Palm Springs... (*lucky duck)

Any ways... I've plenty to do so I'm gonna get busy... maybe have a shower n' everything soon. :D

See ya.

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