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Are you ready Steve? Andy? Mick... Alright Fella's...

I like Jane's Addiction...

sharing useless information... something I'm eminately good at... it seems. :D

oh ... here's some more.

// Rant On

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor
The were flying planes powered by Detroit mfg’d engines.
The fuel they burned was pulled from the ground in Texas.
The bombs they dropped were designed and mfg'd in the US.

They scuttled the fleet in Pearl Harbor
so said fleet would not be able to stop Japan
from attacking other sources of oil in the South Pacific,
because the US was imposing an embargo against the sale of fuel to Japan.

Sadam Hussein picks his nose and eats the goods.
He also sits on top of a wealth of Fuel... no, seriously... You cannot imagine how much oil we're talking about here.

North Korea makes and sells missiles capable of delivering payloads of mass destruction.
North Korea makes and sells nuclear weapons.
North Korea's Leader For Life also picks his nose and eats it.
But North Korea has no fuel to speak of so nobody gives a rats ass about them.
Except South Korea. (where, it is rumored, they pick their noses too)

What do you think would happen if the United States closed every military base, peace outpost, relief field office and defense training base in every country around the planet and returned every American man woman and child from those places to the United States?

Maybe the world would suddenly explode in riotous war.
Maybe not.

Maybe every one of those piss-ant countries that have been sucking on the teat of American Imperialism would shut the fuck up with their endless bitching and send a Christmas Card (not a Happy Nondescript Holiday Card) to the US President.

That there would be no jobs for all those repatriated Americans is another issue... but at the risk of sounding simple, maybe the money not being spent on policing the planet's oil fields could be spent on a few local folk... huh?

// Ok... rant over...

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