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wow... huge suck thing coming up...
I get up and get my ass to work... got all dressed up today 'cause today is cookie day!! I baked Kifli last night... more on that later... but I brought a bunch to work today with the goal in mind of walking around on and giving em out to the deserving... See you gotta know, if you went to heaven, and found your way into Gods personal study, and looked at the little bombay company table beside the awesome comfy chair that sits before the fire place - there would be a silver tray with Kifli on it!

So - in an effort to make up for Corto in shorts at the formal Christmas party - I got all gussied up, teddy bear tie, ddg* sweater, the whole shlomozo right down to the rockports... freshly polished... to do the cookie walk.

But what do I do when I get back... well I read my friends out on LJ of course... check my mail... (ok this is the suck part) I end up reduced to corto in tears (wiping with kleenex) while reading... a friend that just brought all the positive value of LJ right smack into my face - and there is very little chance she realizes how important her little note was... another friend in such emotional need I'm practically moved to hop the fuck on a plane and go to the rescue - but that would be stupid, I know. And then a sweet ass card from Shoo (the cutest blonde in pigtails you are ever going to see!!!) and more...

Well I'm just getting into the spirit of things and feeling very emotional. So I'm all bleary eyed and I have go and do a lunch time presentation... gotta wash away red eyes first...

My friends... you rocque my world! thank you from the bottom of my super sucky mood heart.

*ddg : drop dead gorgeous
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