Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Hola muchachos et muchachas... today is one crazy-ass beautiful day in the wold of me...
I passed out last night at about 11:00 all snuggled up with a smooth and delicious chiquita but had to get up at 1:00 to stumble around the house turning things off...
That lead to a glorious sleep-in till about 7:50 which isn't so hot considering Geo has to be on a buss at 8:11 (he made it) but that's ok. Z is feeling moi better (cold wearing off) ... hehe... she stopped sounding like a a fantasy deep thoat voice torch singer... er, she has her voice back and theres a "I'm not feeling like death" sparkle in there... :D

It's ass-freezing-to-bench cold out there today but killa bright, blue and beautiful... everything is steaming... sewar grates, cars, houses, brrrrr....

Oh, and thank the saints for Aveeno.... (this "thanks" brought to you by the slurping noise my hands make as the moisturizer is drawn into the ouchi dry skin)

~ gray hains bb's
~ beige p-z jeans
~ b.u.m. equip dk blue t shirt.
~ txt v-neck sweater. :D
~ several "deliverables" today,
~ a "requirements" do to montreal re: yesterday,
~ a new backup script for a prod oracle database,
~ some shit went wrong in the lab so that needs fixen... and then, of course
~ the MONSTER rfp from hell is still being worked on...
~ and then a presentation from someone else at the end of the day. blech busy day!
~ I had the power to slip about 4 hours into every day somewhere between 9:00 and midnight... oh the things I'd be able to get done. :D
~ to celebrat "10 days to go" day with my friend no1topaz
~ that I would get a note from the oh-my-god-what-a-great-ass chick in St. Catherines lakme telling when it's a good time to call...
~ for a peaceful night to wrap itself around hisbeauty.... I'm sorry the moon is such a harsh mistress sweet Laurie...
~ that someone would explain (possibly the giggly-one herself) what is up with the numbers (143!) at the end of her posts... er gigglecam posts.
~ to point out that kristylicious gives brand-spanking* new meaning to the term "drop dead gorgeous"... wholy moly sugar shasta...
~ I could get that "Love Train" song outta my head.... I have seen the Gap Striped Sweater commercial in soundless fast forward for weeks... thank the gods for VCR.s, but then I went and actually watched it the other day .... and now?? now I'm stuck on the damn song... ahhhhhh maybe I'll try and force my brain to sing other songs...

K... I gotta get busy... see ya.
* ah got ta say spanking... do a little dance... make a little love... get down tonight... (kill me now... quick, before it gets worse)
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