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morn'en lj

I'm feeling the zone of how lucky can I be crawling around inside me... so many things are going right for me lately... Work is going to kick the ever loving shit out of me in the new year but that beats the hell out of ending up laid off because of not being so busy, so I can deal with that... and the world of my family and all of it's extensions are just oh-pee-chee :D I haven't felt any pain from lj for a good long time (as in evil drama stuff that I usually let myself get sucked into). In fact, I'm really liking that my friendships here have been blossoming or being rebuilt. I dunno... maybe it's my sucky time of the month or something... but I have a whole bunch of that Dido "thank you" thing in my head.

Thanks guys... you lift me up. :D

~ black ftls
~ dk gray dress pants ( I like saying trousers, but I'm not really sure what they are...)
~ tommy pinstripe shirt (groovy little plastic tabbies in the collar)
~ my micky tie (if you look close, yup yup,... those are little micky mouses... )
~ gray cashmere sweater
~ make a special graphic in Illustrator for the boss... (guilty pleasure... I would rather be doing graphics all day at work instead of this other stuff... but the $$ not the same)
~ road trip with the boss to Montreal in about an hour
~ spending a whole day mucking it up with the muckity mucks... :D
~ no really, two presentations and then home again.
~ tonight? no idea ... still need to get last weeks S5 update into the website, so I'll do that.
~ that my pal in Virginal enjoys this vacation and finds plenty of great head space... (nbbmom) It'd be nice to have you and Nic visit us way up here in the frozen north someday...
~ to just say how much I like kaylee... I'm glad we met here... :D
~ that the uber-geek aristophren has a great week.
~ to tell ickzer1 that I'll get to the pictures tonight.
~ happy day-13-out to no1topaz (am I missing anything here sugar? is it all still good?)

There’s a ton to review in lj land and a lot I'd love to be talking about but work is calling and I gotta go...
I hope you all have a wonderful day. :D
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