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hola lj

Geo was doing a big "tongue stuck out and wiggling" thing... like 1 second before that snap. :D

So when the show opened with a title like "Holy Day" z and I
both got the distinct feeling that it prol'y meant there would be a repeat next week...

I'm really leaning on the notion of wanting to watch the Amazing Race next season...
I'm just say'en.

hey... ldygwynedd... it's ccccccold here... snow everywhere... blue bits of sky poking out from low and thin clouds... :D

~ gray ftls
~ new and i love 'em sox
~ khaki cargos... and they feel kinda baggy... but whadeva
~ orange stripe shirt
~ clearing up the loose end bucket on my desk otherwise known as the "inbasket"
~ I swear to fucking god I'm gonna do those expense reports today. :D
~ it's a survivor tonight... I just totally hate every last one of the people on this show... so all the more fun to watch it and pray for them to suffer. :D
~ first and most, that my darl'en Z get's over this particularly vile cold... (stay in bed sugar... get bedda!)
~ that my friend way down in Plano (jennfromtx - among other friends from Plano... Hi jessa!) starts feeling better... right now!
~ pasticcio put a "um... really loud noise here" warning on that link ... holy crap. :D (If you go searching for this... take me seriously on the "loud" comment.)
~ for the delish smell that is now living on raylenetaskoski's bed fade quickly... and that sara feels better soon sugar...
~ that I get to keep seeing pictures of lizzy... maybe even one of teaser holding said adorable kitten... :)
~ for some kind of cool funky groove station thing grab my friend indianasweetie...
~ to giggle at eiffelgirl... on the forehead? sheesh...
~ I could wing off to kansas and spend a weekend driving gardengnomeNikki the GardenBum crazy... because that would be more fun than crack! :D

I really need to do some christmas shopping...

Tomorrow's Friday... I need inspiration. :D

* totally a "please turn this up" song yo...

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