Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


big edit

Do you ever go for the friends pages and just want to remove everybody? Then you think ... "Well, not everybody..." so you think again, rethink and before you know it... you've removed no one, and maybe even added someone? Blah.

Ok... i really needed a shower... and I think I have figured out what I need to get out of the funk... a hair cut. So I'm factoring a hair cut in asap and maybe I'll feel somewhat revitalized...

~ nothing really... just wake up sweats
~ clean up mess Ed is making of spaghetti noodles as I type...
~ shower
~ not shaving... scratch
~ dress
~ play on computer with boys... (new and improved computer)
~ play outside with boys...
~ play inside with Z...
~ something about moving furnature...
(edit) ~ get a hair cut!
~ to climb out of a funk. Nothing dramatic, but unmistakable.
~ to point out that garden-gnomes are better than chocolate.

Tiss nothing a good shower wont fix ... I think.
(time to test my theory)

Edit yesirree... a shower does wonders... now if I can only manage to get a hair cut...
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