Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ack... wadda day.

eating a 87 lb sub from quizno's is prol'y gonna cost me in the morning... :)

built the kiddies computer today.

They had one... but it was kinda tanked... and constently 'caused trouble.

So I started with a new mother board and video card.

Then realized the case I was gonna salvage wouldn't work so I went and got a new case.

Then I realized the CPU I was gonna salvage wouldn't work either... so back I go to get a new one.

I did manage to salvage plenty and having bought a new case, board, cpu and vid card... I guess it hardly matters. :)

There really is a zen quality to building a computer.

Any ways... time to play with kids some more... and then shuffel them off to bed.

See ya.
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