Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


well... we kinda just ignored the clocks today... um... tonight.

It's what? 10:17 and the kids are just a'bed now... it'll be a bit before they're asleep.

Late lunch leads to a late dinner, and much play leads to a late bath.

The the surprise... I'm ( TMI, I know) taking a crap while the kids are in the bathtub... and while I'm busy telling the boys to stop arguing (man, does it every echo in the bathroom) a mini-super-ball [ this is exactly what it looks like, btw ] goes shooting across the room and there is dead silence.

me: "George! I thought I told you to stop putting that in your mouth?"
Geo: "My toof came out!"
me: (thinking he's kidding) "ok... look... wait a sec and I'll get off the can..."
Geo: "no... my toof came out!" (stepping out of bath towards mirror...)
me: (catches a slightly sideways view of Geos mouth... blood! plenty of it) "Come here!" ('cause you know the second he sees the blood, this is gonna get goofy...)

One of his already loose front teeth came out... all is well and the tooth is under his pillow waiting for the magic.

Now it's time for me to do a few more christmas cards and then watch Goldmember...

See ya.

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