Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ok that's it... I'm done with work for today...

tomorrow? taking that off to be a homeboy. :D

I am currenlty listening to Kenny Rogers singing about gambling... and the desire to sing outloud around my headphones is pretty powerful... of course, sudden death would surely follow from the coworker zone... lol!

randomness (not motivated by anything in particular)

~ my very first actual moment of exposure to Livejournal was about three years ago while filling my breaks at work pouring through the "web site journals" at ana voog and steph (punquin). I used to load up their web cams at work and read their journals... the web cam part was fun for a bit but got boring... while the journals were actually interesting... then all of a sudden they were independantly blabbing about this new thing that let them record their "thoughts of the moment" .... eventually there was a comment in ana's journal that I actually wanted to comment on... I had never ever commented in anything anywhere at that point and was feeling very wicked shy about it... but when I tried... it refused... saying I needed to have an account to leave a comment. So I made a corto account.... and LJ user 6795 was created.

~ I'm sensing a really huge ass rant building inside about the issue I see popping up as people criticize web-blogers and journalers and message boarders, etc.... as if these net-aware people somehow don't have a life because they are not normally unplugged. As if the fucking losers that watch TV all day and night or slosh it up in bars with so-called friends night after night are somehow better... and that their "let them stagger out of a bar to their car" friends are more real than net-met friends. But I gotta get so this rant is gonna have to germinate a bit. ?????

Later muchachos et muchachas.

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