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Flash back to dinner hour...
"George. Please go and wash your hands..."
he pads down the hall way towards the front hall bathroom.
"With soap!"
And then, honest to god, we hear him making this "shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" sound, trying to imitate the sound of the running water!!!!! He loudly shuffles the towel rake and back he pads...
With a stone STONE ROCK face of pure innocence, climbs back onto his chair and begins to eat.
Flash forward, leaning over Eds crib (he'll be 3 at the end of Jan and he's still happily in a crib) have a father/son discussion about the prospect of sleep. I suggest he actually go to sleep. Well, he's game. So he closes his eyes and rolls his head to one side and begins to feign sleep... which, from his point of view, means setting off this absolutely monstrous howling snore!!!!!
(I snore, or so I am told... actually there've been tapes made...)
time to make a fresh pot of coffee. later.

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