Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morning lj

er... someone said recently that I never take a bad picture... um... guess again! :D

~ all morning "dad get up and lets go downstairs" sweat pants and top
~ serious bed head... oh geez...
~ shower... um... can't really think that far ahead right now.
~ oh... hoping Alias is on tonight... it wasn't last week.
~ that I get a chance to catch up on lj... haven't seen a word since just after dinner last night... :(

Geez we had fun last night... company came over at 8:00... stayed till 2:00... I really want a new digital still camera... the people pictures I took last night kinda suck. Oh... call me a wild man... I even had a drink ... one. No drinking problem... just prone to headaches if I do... however I managed to alter my state in my prefered way and we ate freaking tonnes of food.

Zebra made - from scratch - potatoe latkas to celebrate Channicka (and I don't really care how you spell it). Two of our guests are yamicka enabled and we try to keep up with their traditions... and they (the latkas) were great!!! Applesauce and sour cream... hmmm... and the potstickers... and smoked salmon... cheese... wine... er... four bottles of wine...
[ including this one!!!! Fat Bastard! click me for the label ]

We played cranium till the night got long in the tooth... amazingly enough... nobody wanted to let me video they're "star performers" performances... :D

First off... the recipe for the dumplings is [ here! ] (that's at "")

Zebra made the stuff for the dumplings the night before last and added veal to the mix. We made A MOUNTAIN of this stuff... so I'll be making dumplings for the freezer in a little while to get it all used up...

You wrap the "stuff" in wanton wraps that you can get at the grocery store... prol'y in the same spot you will find tofu.
[ wraping up dumplings ]

Then you steam them. We made about 6 batches of them in our rice/veggi steamer. Worked great... each batch cooks for about 35 minutes in our little steamer but a better steamer might be more like 20 minutes. Oh and remember to use the drip tray! :D
[ steaming dumplings ]

The finished product is dipped in hoisen (sp?) sauce and amazingly delicious...
[ pot stickers ]
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