Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en lj

a mild day... and a busy day ... of course, some blazing sunlight would be nice... but then I guess it'd be cold as hell... so I'll take mild and cloudy for now. :D

~ very old and grungy wooly sox over my tongue and teeth...
~ a shrink wrap cover over my brain...
~ wake up sweat pants and hoodie.
~ a shower... most definately a nice hot shower.
~ quick shopping thing... maybe visit the new future shop in the mall near here.
~ cleaning... cooking... and prepping for...
~ having our 'every two month' get together with friends tonight... This time it's at our house... :D
~ we're making potstickers!! :D
~ that this nagging kinda headache thing would go away...
~ to send out a happy birthday message to Jordy (that would be shann's little snuggle bun.
~ big hugs and wishful hugs to my faraway friend dallandra... I know you need a break sugar... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
~ and a wee bit of a sympathetic shoulder for sandcat... watching Geo deal with asthma is enough to soften me to anyones asthma problems... I hope you are ok...
~ to share a chuckle with kitiara... re: webb ... and barbara's comment... bwaahahahaha...
~ oh, and a hearty "go you" to cherdoo .... :)
~ and some "wish I could say something useful, but I nothing covers it" to haela... just some warm friendly vibes mmmk?

Ok... time for that shower.
see ya.
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