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Survivor 5 Update!!!

Survivor V : Update

Bend Over.

Wherein CBS reaches out to you in your home... grabs an hour of your time... shreds it... and messes up the family room with the remains.

Epi Quick Hit : The Show in 100 words or less... or more.. or whatever!
(Dom Jeff to Editing staff) "mmk... it’s Thanksgiving... I’m going home to my boyfriend for a good spanking... so I don’t have any time to work on this weeks show... can you scratch together a few shots of Erin’s ass and thread it in with all the gross stuff from the last 10 shows?"
(Editing staff) "well ... we have episode number 11 in the can... why don’t we show that?"
(Jeff) "naw... the viewing audience will be burping turkey or watching football so screw ‘em."
(Editing Staff) "Ok... we have about 13 seconds of footage where that pig Ghandia posses for the guy with the Night Stick... oh, and we can trot out all the shots of people throwing up."
(Jeff) "cool... well work that up... gimmi a call when it’s ready and I’ll lay in an intro."

The Darwin Moment!
I watched this waste of time.

Best Quotes

Most Memorable Moment
Ok ok ... I enjoyed watching Jar Jar get bit by a stingray again.

Evil Do'er

Eye Candy
Eris ass... as carefully observed by Clay the little furry hobbit.
Two things...
~ why do they do this?
~ there’s some big ass surprise thing that Katie Clipboard (Helen) get’s all bent up about coming next week... now that could be a bowl of cat food... so who knows.

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