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Ok what time is it? Like 10:00... and the kids are prol'y still awake... and prol'y going to once again walk into the office and surprise the hell out of me...

Today was a long ass day. It's one of those "always on" situations and doing this with your boss... kinda puts you even a little more in the zone. Still it's kinda fun. Nice location (classy hotel hooked up to a big honken glitter dome Casino), and most of the people that are there actually want to be there... want the stuff we're yapping about... so it's just one conversation after another. (blah!)

Here we are in the Clan McGeek picture of the week. [ click here ]
My 300 year old digital still camera is getting over ripe. The picture's kinda dark and stuff...

The conference organizers kinda work their magic to coerce all the attendees into all the vendor booths... It was an "Olympics" theme thing... every booth was a dif country (we were Hong Kong) and among other goofy things associated with this, the attendees have to get passport stamp at each country... There was a piping in the countrys big to-do with much anthem singing and bag piping and drumming and people talking about kilts and the contents there in.

There was a South Africa booth.
[ click the image ]

... so I thought of my friend teaser and took a picture.

We're giving away "benders" (magno men in a can) at our booth :D

Any ways, I really wanna go watch West Wing... so I'm outti...

I've basically missed today... I hope I've not missed anything to terrifically important. :O
lol... bonks head on monitor...

Oh, and some bedtime like wishes out to my friend teasdale... ran into a spot of wicked bad luck... and would be a good person to send some good vibes to. :D

... mmk.


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