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hahahaha! So, boss lady comes back with a little revision request and (super genius, captain modest, that I am) point out something she never really asked me to look at in our proposal and WHAMO we're building 20 more days into the project. This kind of add's up to huge buckets of cash so this is a good thing.

I know, I know, this doesn't make one lick of sense... so what... suffice it to know that I'm having fun!!! yippeeee. Oh, and I'm wearing my big ass Koss head phones - but artfully not playing any music... This is a nice way to test the office staff around me to see what kind of shit goes down when they all think I am completely cut off. I freaks the begebbers out of them when I react to something they say - while they're thinking I'm zoned out on music... keeps 'em guessing.... heX4
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