Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


yawn... g'morning. Short night!!

Ed's got a whicked cough... Z and Geo are getting it too... yup. It's winter.

It's a total winter wonderland out there... fat wet snow yesterday turned to freezing cold, whipping wind last night and now it's all white, frosty and brrrrr out there.

~ wake up sweats...
~ to post the S5 update as soon as I finish this... :D
~ shovel laneway (carefully... avoiding hurting my shoulder again)
~ have a shower...
~ make a birthday card with Geo for one of his friends...
~ lunch and then take Geo to birthday party...
~ off to work (yuck) at my office re:the big demo and then, if time is good, off to the stress client for an hours work on a server.
~ tonight? no idea.
~ to just send out warm hug type vibes to my longest long time Lj friend bair. A wonderful woman that I will always treasure as a friend...
~ that my friend damny is ok... ????
~ and a long lost... well, never lost, but definately never forgotten friend ickzer1... I wish his eyes to fall across a dream or two...
~ and I wanted to send some vibes out to my friend topazgrrl... some warm and strengthening vibes... because she needs some superhero strength and I want so much for her to find it.
~ oh, and just some karma out to simplyred who always manages to be close by. Thank you sugar.

It was chick flick central here last night... we watched "Picture Perfect" (mostly 'cause Z loves jennifer aniston) and, as far as it goes, it was a cute movie... Then we watched Gia. Very powerfully acted movie. This, of course, took all night and we didn't get to be till way way too late.
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