Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

quick lj Birthday shots.

quick birthday catch-ups...

November 19: raylenetaskoski - My own personal Sugar-Ray... a bod-for-life girl with a great story in her world. I hope you have a wonderful year (I hope you enjoyed your trip) and I'm so very glad we managed to hook up as friends here!! Happy Birthday sugarRay.

November 19: elliriel - Mommabean!! Happy Birthday Elli. A hard working nurse earns her wings every time she gets out of bed... Thank you for your friendship and I hope you have a wonderful year and maybe even log a splendid vacation somewhere... :D

Today!!! November 20: snugglebug (Imagine that... me! On-time with a birthday notice) Happy Birthday snuggs... I mean Addy... I mean Mrs Snugglebug... (the recently married snug). I hope you and your main squeeze have a wonderful year. :D

Happy Birthday to you (s)... Happy Birthday to you (s)... Happy Birthday dear All-Of-You... Happy Birthday to you!!

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