Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Baby Picture Time


So we went to the Hospital today to visit with reens and thumper... Thumper, as you no doubt already know is "Daniel".

We took pictures... (of course);

Sweet little babies that smell like brand new babies and are only as big as a kids football are just to die for!!

Click the thumbnails to get the full picture!! ]

This is Daniel all wrapped up!!

And when we tried to peek in a bit to his little bundle:

Me... (as usual - lol!) holding little Daniel:

And then Daniel holding me!!

And, finally, one very proud daddy arriving after mommy moved into a private room.

Note: I have pics of proud mommy, but I wanted to get her permission before I posted one... so you'll just have to wait for that. :D

A perfect little baby... healthy and happy in every way.

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