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oh geez

You know... I was standing in the closet getting dressed and thought to myself "well, I'll wear this... 'cause i know I didn't wear this last monday..." and shit if when I sit down for the pic it's the same exact freak'en thing... It's kinda errie... :D

(and I can't believe I got a shot of Geo not making a goofy face... the photos of him making faces are legion!)

Luc (luker) and his wife Rena (reens) had their little baby this morning... a 6lb 11oz little bundle of BOY... his name is Daniel Matthieu and mom is apparently doing fine... I'm soooo looking forward to seeing this little guy... Must remember to bring video camera... you know, for those video moments of a newborn just sitting there... hahaha... :D

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ long sleeve p-z warm shirt with a company T under it... (layers... layers...)
~ (and because I turned around and went home to get 'em) shoes... Snow = wear boots... = forget shoes = wear boots all day... yuck)
~ project time sheets...
~ project documentation
~ programming like mad for the big demo in... er...9 days... (fuck)
~ beaver night... er... kids cub scout type stuff.
~ I would get more nights under my belt like last night... bed by 1:30ish, up constantly with Ed 'cause he's got a cough, up again for another reason altogether, and up again to hear good news from a friend... sounds bad... but believe me... it's all worth it. :
~ I had a hot hot coffee hear with me now... but that can wait a few minutes... :
~ to send out a big funky "go you" to debby and don't you appologize for that for one second... it's nice to get yours in the face of the HS butt heads. I know exactly what you mean by the whole deal! (*zing!)
~ er... um... that knightsdawn stops having such horrific nightmares...
~ you could have seen me laughing when the news last night talked about some letter - possibly from some mid-east terrorists - demanding that the US adopt ISLAM... yeah... that's gonna happen... and, gezzus... it's not like there isn't a huge American Muslim Community now... at what point does a politician just stand in front of a camera and say "shut the fuck up would ya!"?
~ my fucking shoulder didn't hurt like a son-of-a-bitch... blew it out on (what else) the freak'en snow... (must remember to stretch before shoveling).
~ I get a chance to figure out a solution for my friend evangelinaarion!!
~ to hear from incarnation on how things are progressing...

and btw... I slept till 8:00, Geo was late for school and I was much later for work... (the shoes and all)... so I gotta get to it... I hope you're doing well....

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