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well I'm bagged and tomorrows gonna be bad-busy. Nighti night lj.

and as I crawl away from the computer... my fingers hesitate long enough to say...

I hope topazgrrl and her family get healthy before christmas and christmas visitors arrive.

I hope lianna realizes she posted pic's of her in her bra tonight... (ya big goof... you are so great it drives me nuts!!! - and that's not actually 'cause of the bra thing!)

um, capricious .... you need to stop spending money hun! (LOL!) Nice view of dudes coat by the way.

oh, and congrats to junebugg for the shower of 4s and 5s!!!

My single most important bed time wish is for wonder woman (what's her name again.... oh, yea Kym). I so hope you have a good sleep and feel comfortable. Peace in your heart - if I had a super power it would be to make peace be in your heart. That'd be enough superheroing for me - then I'd retire.

(For the rest of my friends... like sand through the hourglass, so to runs the cash out of the bank account at christmas... stop already! It'll be on sale in Jan!)

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