Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


My brothers main squeeze is a woman named Sandy. She's essentially a peach wrapped up in sweet. She's a solmunier (hahaha... no freaking chance I'm spelling that right - she knows wine) and she asked if she could take the boys to see the new Harry Potter movie as a birthday prezzi to her... to her! I'm seeing that it's a big deal to her to create memories with our kids as part of her inter family integration... I know... too much analysis but she is doing a really nice thing. She's been with my bro for a couple of years now and they are moving in together (finally) this weekend. My bro has two kids from his first marriage - good situation with shared custody and good extended family relationship with the first wife. (sometimes I think they're from both from Mars).

~ bit of a sleep deprived wrinkle
~ sweat pants and hoodie
~ shower, shave and actual clothes...
~ to watch as my kiddies are taken away by my bro and his squeeze to go see the new Harry Potter movie... early afternoon!
~ to bask in a glorious kids free afternoon at home with Z
~ dinner at my folks house for my bro's squeezes birthday...
~ I can catch up a bit on lj...
~ that all remains well with the as-yet-not-happy-parents luker and reens! (soon... soon...)

Ok... gotta go shower. :D

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