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So I'm going to have change my aspect... that is to say, my current aspect needs a little work. I have completely frozen my aspect off!!! (lol)
Waiting 45 minutes for an express bus (kinda of a peak period special route of busses for commuters versus regular routes) in the frozen fucking wasteland that is Canada is so much not fun I cannot begin to properly express it.
Coming to you live from the marginally cramped quarter of a bus seat. (sneezing my head off... wtf?) No idea why... seems to be a reaction to the person that squished up beside me.
I guess I'm start'en to realize what they pay me the big bucks for (ha!) ... I have completely undoable goals for tomorrow (to be completed before noon nonetheless). It's funny but I read - have been reading - about my studious LJ friends working on school papers and, hey I remember doing them... they were basically hard - where hard was a function of "to what degree the prof was anal-retentive". Now, I have to write proposals every freaking week that are like 20 pages long and need to convince the ultimate in anal-retentive people to part with buckets full of money... (did I mention EVERY week?) Any ways... that's life.

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