Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Odd morning... kinda damp... kinda gray... it's going to rain today... and you know what? It doesn't really matter... I'm a happy camper today. :D

I woke up at some point last night with no arms. You know that feeling when your arm has gone to sleep or whatever... well both arms... I couldn't physically get myself turned over, because I had two stubby stumps for arms... very frustrating way to wake up ... and d'uh on the going back to sleep until I had managed to frog around enough to deal with the recirculation thing... that pins&needles thing that happens is just the frigg'en worst.

~ um... black ... pic.
~ black treacle brushed cotton jeans
~ b.u.m. t with a very heavy sweater ... it's got these seriously long sleeves.
~ working on docs for the stress client
~ working on the "big demo" (this will take up most of my time for the next two weeks)
~ hmmm well I'm buying a car tonight. The lease on the hated van is up this weekend and we've decided on the Maxima. (97, ES)
~ Survivor tonight!!! :D
~ that little Emma (my friend kelly_marie's little bundle of sugar) feels better quick... and then mommy can worry less. :D
~ I could get better sleeps... and yes, actually going to bed before 1:30 would help but it's not the length of sleep... it's the quality.

That aniken skywalker guy... want to slap his dumb ass face off within moments of starting the "Clones" thing... The entire "value" for me in that movie is the visual stimulation.... it's like a form of masturbation... totally fun but ultimately unproductive... watching star wars movies... I'm thinking George Lucas wouldn't be too terrifically pleased with this analogy. (yuk yuk yuk).

The FOTR SE is on hold for a Friday night get together with my bro and his main squeeze... Must remember to keep sugar out of children on Friday and run the little bastards* dickens around the block a few times before bed... 'cause I'm not turning the sub-woofer down on this one. :D

* ok ok ... I'm just kidding... shheesh.. .you live with 'em for a while...

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