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Morn'en Lj

Today is Rememberance Day in Canada. [ go here to see our Parliment Hill CAM ].
The services are held at the National War Memorial, but it's a good day to
check out the lawn and splendor of our seat of government. :D

It's a great day for Government workers...
the kids all go to school today, but the federalies get the day off...
me? private sector workers everywhere except banks are at work today.
(except in PEI where everybody is off!! but they're always kinda off in PEI... ar ar ar... Hi lil'bean! :D)

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ long sleeve beige (red and blue arms) p-z shirt thing... yes, I'm a p-z poster... ahhhhhh!
~ that long day (friday) that ended with the car-break-in? I have to recreate the notes from that day... time to pour over server logs...
~ tonight? press and repress the b-day video. The div-x version is like 80 freaking megs... :D hahahaha... I'll bet I can get the wmv down to 25 megs.
~ ok.. see I have this good mood vibe on right now... so I'm really wishing I can hold on to this for the day (at least). I need this. :D
~ to point out that txgirlie has absolutely adorable lil'boys... :D
~ I could do something to put a smile on my vixen friend alcestis... do you know her?
~ a note out to the kit... :D kitiara... the secret is starbucks choco covered espresso beans... yum yum eat'em up!
~ just some warm wishes of kindness and care out to my fav ex-pat... dallandra way way way far away from home on this national day of rememberance.

Ok... kicker day needs to get going... see ya later mochachos et mochachas... and remember!!!!

Brinquem bem! É mais divertido dessa maneira!

(ps. my thoughts turn to alma_perdida and choco_orangutan sometimes... it's so easy to care about you guys. :D)
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