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Well another winter of wanting to wring the necks of all the idiotic weather people
that refuse to accept the simple FACT that if it feels like it's -22 outside...
then it's fucking -22 degrees outside and toss the whole "well it's -10 outside
but with the windchill factor it will feel like it's - 22"... geezus...
I just wanna ram a thermomitor in their ears...

Oh and that sluuuuuurrrrrrrping sound coming out from my cubicle? That would be the Aveeno soaking into my "yes Virginia, it is winter" dry hands...

~ black ftls
~ it's a swish swish day... dk gray swishy p-z cargo pants... pockets pockets...
~ long sleeve two tone blue thing to keep ya from seeing these bullets I call nipples...
~ way to freaking much
~ off to stress client this 'safternoon
~ downloading patch bundles and reading about them this morning...
~ go play with the people in HR to make sure my staff appraisal documentation is all up to date!
~ YO! It's a SURVIVOR NIGHT... and thanks to ebean I'll pay attention to when Friends starts... it's a 40 minute long epi tonight.
~ that lady_anandia keeps her journal... (I wanna see Jess's second b-day pics!)
~ to get a shirt with kitiara's lips stenciled on 'em... :D
~ that everything is ok with a sweet girl ever so far away in the land of wooden sneakers... You ok movingforward??
~ to shout a big "go you" out to dallandra for that lost 20... do yo need all new clothes?
~ I knew what was up with mindcrime.... and hoping all is well...
~ to remind the universe that kitykity is not just beautiful but far more precious than she realizes...
~ to ask misskris what exactly she was expecting?? I mean, how could they not just love you to pieces! ?? :D
~ to shoot some good karma and power-puff-girls-like energy over to rini...

GAAAAAAAAAAAA! I forgot my cell phone at home... that's worse than forgetting my watch... I live with headphones on or in a car with loud I sit on the thing set to vibrate pretty well all day... (Look, we already knew I was a freak...)... so I'm missing the damn phone. :D

Does anybody know what the hells going on with They are the people that validate the license when you click register on chillcam and ... well... is freaking GONE! ????

Ok... I gotta git... see ya in a bit.. :D
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