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Morning... it's officiallyfuckingwinter around here... blech.
I'm forty... and, personally, that's quite enough winter for my life thank you very much.
Can I buy a moomoo and live in florida yet?

~ pic pic black and an associated grin. :D
~ so dark green/treacle they're almost black brushed cotton jeans
~ marroon T with the big monster sweater (way long sleeves)
~ to grab a solaris monitor and scoot off to a client site for most of the day...
~ a trip to a dentist to have two fillings removed and remade... I'll be drooling and moaning later...:D
~ New West Wing tonight!! :D
~ that my ever loven sugar babyfatz (that's my owm private zebra btw) continues to get better.
~ that my friend mandelion has a better day today than yesterday!!! :D
~ for some karma to sneak up and fix whatever's bugg'en my sugar tonya... Tone smiling is a requirement. (can I help sugar?)
~ that I could hang a "please do not distrub" sign over arlyn's world so she could get some rest.
~ and to send out a lil'hug for my friend cablondie

So .... if you missed it... slip back a bit in my journal [ click this link ] and consider posting something for the lip-pic request. I mean, I have like 377 friends listed... and sure... plenty are communities, and a shit load of 'em are "seldom posters" but I know you and your lips are out there... :D

[ here's another shot of mine ] but I'm really going for the close ups...

[ dig this... is that not a pricess puss? ]

Alrighty... I gotta get outta here. See ya.
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