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I'm not sure where, but in one of my friends posts the other day I read her saying that the only thing she likes about the new Christina Augitossis* video is that she gets punched in the face... this made me laugh so hard... I haven't seen the vid yet, but now I definitely want to!

~ "everlast" hoodie and sweat pants...
~ shower and put on more presentable clothes!
~ zoom around with kid stuff...
~ My SIL just dropped off her 11 year old... I'm watching him for the day...
~ driving Geo to another little kids b-day party for 11:00 and coming home to entertain the nephew and Ed for the day. :D
~ sleep in a funky museum over night... with 250 little kids...
~ put a spiderman temp tattoo on George...
~ I would get less frustrated by Edwards whining...

ack! I got right rip roaring frustrated with Ed at breaky today... I was up at an ungodly hour this morning, was not feeling quite up-to-snuff, and when I watched the freshly dipped-in-egg-yoke piece of toast go airborne I practically blew a blood vessel. We've since made our peace... which is pretty easy with a 4 year old... but still, I end up feeling crummy for losing my temper.
~ anyways... I must get that shower thing done... the birthday party is zoooooming up on the clock. :D

See ya.

* augitossis... a word we used for bad breath when we were smaller... christina augitossis... 'cause I can't spell her name. :D

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