Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sum of All Fears

dvd night...

They're prol'y gonna put a big bag over our house and air scrubbing filters... with big signs that speak in internationally recognized symbols warning people that within the security perimiter is GERM HOUSE.

Well, that's how is feels any ways... :D

Any hoooo... I collected the kidlettes and took them to McDeath for dinner and came home to nurse my little sugar with a milk shake and a grilled cheese sammich. Now that the kids are asleep (hahahaha... right! they're in bed... but sleep is still illusive) ... ok, so WHEN the kids are asleep... it will be DVD time.

Then, if I'm really lucky... I'll get a chance to check up on my journal bud's before bed.

See ya.

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