Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


NOTE: no idea if the pictures will show up today... something is amiss with our firewall at work.


Here I am at work... but I'm hopping back in the car and returning home. My little is as sick-in-bed-with-a-cold as possibly can be...
Up with Geo and get him off to school, and I was sure she was going to be ok, but ... er... nope. Not happening.

oh, the web site pic is here!~

~ black ftls
~ b.u.m. equip jeans
~ gray t with a denim shirt...
~ well, it's time sheet day...
~ it's proposal day...
~ it's report day for stress client...
~ but that's out the door... 'cause I am too... I'm getting back in the car to go home and take care of Ed and Z. :D
~ writing a Survivor update.... and by the way, Survivor last night? bwaahahahahahaa...
~ that I get a chance to get my time sheets in...
~ that I can catch up on all y'all a little later. :D

bu bye....
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