Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

brrrr! ninja and wizard time.

Well Halloween is done... actually, the technical part of it was done at about 7:00 pm.

It speaks the very common age bracket on our street... a vast majority of kids on the street are between 0 - 8, so their deal on Halloween is managed by mom's and dad's... and it was freaking cold out - it snowed at one point, so things definitely did not drag on. Except for the teenagers that showed up an hour after I put the candles out in the pumpkins and turned off all the outside lights... sheesh.

We had about 45 kids come to the door... my mom came over to hand out the loot while Z and I took the boys around. :D

Now... there is foto - garfic evidence of the evening...

Time to share :D

[ The boys ready to leave on the hunt! - click the thumbnail! ]

[ The neighbor that loves to get all worked up and into Halloween ]

(notice the arrow? It's pointing at a "Big pile of hay"... What is in this hay you might ask?)

[ The neighbor with a little 'voice machine' scaring the beejeebers out of people ]

(the kids were safe... he did is best work on unsuspecting parents...)

[ Geo just as we finish...]

[ The result of the Halloween adrenaline / sugar bomb ]

Everyone is asleep now... and its finally time to go watch Survivor!!

I hope you're having a great night...
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