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~ West Wing... I had goose bumps... and man oh man... the Sam deal at the end. :D

~ pumpkins are finished for this year... Ed wanted a very standard looking pumpkin... something he see's in his head when he thinks pumpkins... he drew it for me... complete with the goofy tooth sticking up... (he's 4) So I made his pumpkin... and Geo wanted a "wolf boy" pumpkin... I wanted to do a spiderman... but I veto'ed myself because I didn't have six weeks to kill pick'en away at that one. :D

So Pumpkin linup is as followns... :D

click the links for the pics...
[ room light shot of all three ]
[ the candle lit picture ]

(unfortunately the "ghosts in the pot" doesn't show up well on that picture... so I'm retreading the pic from last night...)

[ the ghosts candle lit ]
[ a seperate one of wolf boy... notice the little bat? ]

~ oh, and I hope moowazz's wings work. :D

~ I want something precious... special... something just plain nice to sneak up on nbbmom... wouldn't that be great.

~ time to pay some bills and go to bed... night night...

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