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That's it...
gonna call it quits early.

got a plan.. :D

I'm off to pick up .... "hinges"

Yo! you would not believe the history of these freaking hinges... the original mfg stopped producing them a couple of years ago and the ones ALL OVER OUT HOUSE (incl the kitchen) are breaking. So I've been moving minature mountains trying to get the contractor that put 'em in to find replacements... and after getting a dozen of the wrong ones... the right ones are here. wohoo...

so it's pick up time...(um, pick up the hinges...) then tonight it's A Bunch Of Beavers in Costumes. and yes, I'm milking the imagery associated with being able to say that... even though it's really just about the minature cup scout thing my boy is into. :D It's halloween party time with the beavers. :D

Yo! circlek...thnanks for that link to the BMWFILM thing... tres cool...

oh, and I have to say that the cube-mate thing is really working for me... pulling a friend on a refreshing cam up leaving 'em there for the day. It's kinda sweet on one hand, coolio-type-geek-fest on another, and... well, I mean, my friends here (lj) rock so freaking hard it's a treat to see any of you in pictures at all... so just imagine the big vibe I take into my heart about a refreshing cam. :D

(ps. see ya later krisza .... )

fish don't fry in the kitchen, beans don't burn on the grill... it took a whole lotta try'en just to get up that hill....

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