Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless



That's what my kids say when they are put upon for an explative... "Holy!!! can you just stop!" ...

any ways... "holy... I've had a busy day for a sick guy..."

Got up, did some kid stuff... went to work...
Home, cut grass, helped a way-busy Z pack away more stuff against the impending winter...
Now it's almost time for dinner.

I'm making groovy potatoes, peas, and George's chicken.
oh, and Ed and I baked brownies... and AND... I'm making chicken soup... you know, from chicken carcasses etc. :)

ok, ALIAS is on tonight... and if I had a VCR clicker I could program the VCR to tape it, however... for now, I'll just have to be on hand to push RECORD... grrrrrr... (damn vanishing clicker!)

ok... enough... time to be busy some more.
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