Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


cough cough cough...

Ok... up with the boys... I had a blissfull sleep yesterday so I'm trying to let Z catch some healing sleep... we're both battling the cold bugs here... But my day includes going to work so ... basically ... my day sucks. :(

s'ok though... I'll be home soon.

~ er... well... never mind...
~ a quick shower...
~ um... clothes...
~ a cold capsule so I can pretend I'm not sick...
~ go to the stress clients offices for 10:00 so we can move a big honking solaris server from there to a co-lo office downtown.
~ hopefully, home again quick and rest.
~ that all is well with my friend reens who is in the last stages of her pregnancy... very exciting... we know one another in the RW so I'll get to hold me some brand new baby soon. :D
~ that my very precious friend kimberly27616 has a successfull venture today at the hospital... and that she is well and healthy and comfortable asap!!!
~ I could race to Virginia and snuggle up to the Radio Godess nbbmom ... just 'cause that would be more fun than I can imagine. :D

ok... I'm off to the showers... see ya.
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