Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

I am not short (corto)

For kym:
So my brother, Rob, did the whole backpacking across Europe thing when he was like 20. This lasted for (I'm guessing) about 6 years. I know for sure he spend 3 years living in and running a hostel in Amsterdam. The deal was very much a "live under an assumed name" for him so everybody knew him as Rob Keith (no reason, it just happened).
Lucky me (very very lucky me) got to go and visit him when I was 17... spend months and months there (actually it was a week). My units were going to a place called Volendon (sp?) for business and they took me along to stay with my big bro for a week. Well, in anticipation of this, Mr. Man With No Name wanted to make sure his real name didn't get out via moi. Remember that to live in Amsterdam as a transient visitor of youthful years is to be STONED pretty well constantly... so in his mind the idea of giving me a nick name would help ensure his continued anonymity. When he left home he was significantly bigger than his little bro. In letters he had ascertained that I had grown a bit and now rivaled him in the height department. So he settled on the Corto (a contraction of the spanish word cortitto (sp?) meaning 'shorty') So basically he's calling me Short. The name stuck.
Side note: mmmmmm I could write some good stories about my week in Amsterdam...
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