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oh man....

"like gangbusters"

The following information may be considered "gross" by several members of our society.

~ know that expression? that's one that applies to how this unbelievable cold has come on.
me = blithering idiot stages of massively runny head waiting for cold-caps to kick in...
~ one eye practically wedged shut by swollen sinuses...
~ garbage cans quickly filling up with kleenex
~ throat scratchy, neck stiff, entire body totally fucking bent on self destruction.
~ can't blow my nose without creating a flood and tenting to sneeze a dozen times in a row...
(raylenetaskoski and her neck-brace, sneeze, paralyzed story is coming to mind)

Tylonal cold-caps, vics vapo rub, bed and sleeping in.
If I wake up and feel like death... stay in bed.

night night...

Oh, I tried to play psycho babble at totally up-my-ally kind of a game... will definatly go back. tonight? I played like ass and I'm blaming the whole 'body bent on destruction" thing.(see with-in the cut for explanation)

Quietly saying significant prayers for my very dear friend kimberly27616.

Night night..

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