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~ just a few loose ends to tie up and then it's road time...

~ in anticipation of ... home time...
~ to take care of ... homework time and dinner time!!

~ then it's off to the Corel Center for Hockey time!
(which includes far too much spicy finger food... hence heartburn is on the horizon)


Once, a long long time ago (in a galaxy far far away lol) I met a lj user that was talking about Cirque De Solie (no idea if I'm spelling that right) so I would go back and back to check her journal. Then I finally got the nerve up to post a comment... :) ... and after much goofy self-consciousness on my part, I managed to become her lj friend.

She had a web cam... and was one of the three people who unwittingly inspired me to push forward with a private obsession and make a web-cam and words-content web site. The inspiration was framed by what a class act she was, how creative her web site was, and how very much it felt that I was getting to know her beyond just a very remote "net person".

I count myself fortunate in many ways to have krizsa as a friend. I hope my life works out in such a way that I get to stay friends with this remarkable young woman.

(yup, that's some of the shameless fawning I was talking about earlier... and yup, I got plenty where that came from. :D)

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