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what an amazing day...

no really... I woke up today at 6:00 with a bitch'en headache... took advil before 7:00 and cursed the day.

Now? I'm headache free... have been all day, btw (thank you advil) and it is just unbelievable outside. Sunny, crisp and beautiful fall day. There are explosions of colour filling alsf;aia;eghpqrah (excuse that... my cell just rang, vibrate, I keep it wedged between my legs - I answer with a "thank you") now, where was I... oh the colours... there are explosions of colour everywhere... Do trees go through the fall colour parade in places where it's warm all year long (like LA? or do they have trees in LA? ar ar ar).

any ways... this is officially a meaningless post brought on by my insanely great mood and goofy happiness about soooo many things lately.

Life is sweet... k'mere, lemmi hold your hand for a bit... maybe I can give you some of my vibe. :D
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