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(that's a cow like moooooo... 'cause I'm turning a box oh-Tim Bits into an empty cardboard box as I type)

So I got the earing back in... Well, that's not true... Z put it in, just like she did the last time it was in need of "putting in"... and believe me when I tell you its a totally frustrating sob to put in :D

~ um... pic pic... black.
~ it's a swish swish day... dk blue swishy noisy pants with little tab'ed draw strings everywhere..
~ (not, the pic pic and the swish swish makes for an interesting combo. too bad its FREEEEEEZING farquing cold outside)
~ cream T shirt with a nice warm two tone plue long sleeve thing over it...
~ some sort of meeting today to work out the details on the next "deliverables" for the stress client. (the golf ball people)
~ magically produce volumes of text as documentation for several projects...
~ graph 10,000 line excel spread sheets for a system performance review thing...
~ oh,... get home early so I get Geo's homework done... because tonight... I'm going out... It's Hockey Night In Kanata. :D
~ I could fawn without sounding like a ass kiss'en monkey boy. See I have some friends that never ever fall short of amazatron in how fantastic I think they are... but if I say what I feel... it's going to be too much... so I'll tone it down and try and shoot some words out later. :D
~ the my favourite resident of the far away Estonian U-oh-Tartu - Miss dallandra has a wonderful sleep tonight...

What do you call your kids, besides their names and "You Evil Spawn Of Satan" (when that moment comes... and it eventually does... although it's usually your own fault)... no seriously though, I call my kids "toast"... or "toasty monkey"... works with either kid and they always answer. :D
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