Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


last thoughts of the day...

~ I think ectv... miss ulitmate shan... is the cat's meow... (that is my way de jour of saying... just wonderful!)

~ I know arlyn is gonna feel a lot better in sunlight... dammit... and I hope things do spin for you sugar.

~ upon close inspection of the frame by frame video capturing geos moment of surprise... we will not likely be throughing another surprise party soon. No really, it scared the ever loving shit out of him

Either one of these will show you what I mean.
[ 384 k version - windows media player ]
[ 1.8 meg version - divx 5 avi ]

and that's only cause I'm in a rush and wanna go to bed...

So much video to work with from that party that just makes me laugh... I'll get through it... :D

So g'night lj. have a nice comfortable sleep... I know I'm gonna. :D (really looking forward to bed! )
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