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mmk... so it's a night of not a whole lot...
some lj reading...
actually a bunch...
and some goofing around with pictures...
but I would like to say that bands that include the embedded sound of a cell or regular phone ring in their music should be up against the wall, right after the lawyers when the revolution comes... ok?

We went to beavers tonight... it was a special night there... the kids were all getting their woggels buttoned tonight. :D
(you know I've been looking forward to saying that... )

There was this "investiture" cerimony... they might have made up that word...

I mean... ok, here is the mascotte at the meeting...
[click this for the full picture - that goes for all the pics.]

Ok... Now I ask you ... does that not look like this guy?

You know.. here's another ... and another!!

You getting the picture?

Ok... so the deal included this thing where the kiddies all say this pledge,
and dad's or mom's stand behind 'em and put this kirchief (sp???) around his neck.

The Major Beaver, er... Head Beaver... um.. Beaver Boss... comes along and buttons this little thing called a "waggle" that holds the kerchief in place.

It was kinda cute.

edit: I almost forgot... see that guy above my right shoulder? the red head dude... he's the nazzi I guy I was ragg'en about a few weeks ago... the guy that - while we parents were waiting for out kids at beavers - starts in with the "all schools should be catholic schools" and "If somebody doesn't like that... well they can go back to whatever country they came from." ... man I feel sorry for that guys kids...

There was some "my dad's not here" action ... and some "I forgot my camera" stuff... Z was busy shooting pics of other kids with their p/g to send to them as emails... and I was doing the kerchief thing with the kids with the long faces... again, more cuteness... but you had to be there to really get the deal.

Ok... that's that for now... time to work on some vid stuff... well, time to go talk to the admiral for a sec and then vid stuff..

er... cam's on... um, yeah, I know it's always on... I'm just plugg'en it. :D

See ya in a bit. :D
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