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Hey. Ok another remote update from the hand held. I'm sitting at a board table with all the big cheese types from the company I work at... actually it's kinda cool, cause I kinda feel like a kid all the time... you know, I look at coworkers that are my age and they look like adults to me - "adults" in contrast to me. So any ways, I'm a technical manager in this company... a big ass multi mega million dollar company and they treat me like I belong at this board table... Sometimes I feel a bit like a big faker! Like, how the heck am I getting away with this? Don't get me wrong, I'm (all humbleness out the window) a freaking genius at what I do but it comes easy... so I always feel like I've snuck in to meetings like this. I just finished giving them a 45-minute presentation and they're all take'en notes and asking questions - cool. Of course, it's a Friday, so everybody is dressed like a slob! gotta love casual Fridays.

So, they bring in the donuts and I'm on my 5th... and getting much teasing about the fact that I'm eating a fifth donut. I weight like 170 on a heavy day... 165 normally and I'm 5'10" (I'm clearly not a fat boy - although I get a little self conscious about not having "abs of steel" but does anybody? - and if a whole bunch of people do, don't tell me, let me live all naive, ok!) Ok, so I'm going for the number 5 donut - it's a filled donut, you know all icing-sugar on the outside... I'm about to look like a cocaine addict for the rest of the meeting... see ya later lj.

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