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Ok.. I am going to a descent electronics store after work and buying an alarm clock ... The little clock that SATAN assembled is no long just not coming back from the snooze zone... it simply refused to ring at all this morning... BLINK I wake up to way way WAY too much streaming sunshine "er... huh... what day is it? what's today... oh no... it's monday... shit... IT'S 8:40!!!" and then much bouncing around takes place... kiddie to school, me to work ... all very rushed... yikes.

big boss... el'president just dropped a little trip to the company box on my desk (meeting corp HQ vp night at a Hockey game)... I called her a sugar doll so she gave me valet parking...

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ a p-z long sleeve... with a txt v-neck sweater... (my fav sweater actually... a gift from my MIL)
~ well... actually, if I keep my head down, I can get a whole day of documentation in... it's building up!
~ er... buy a fucking alarm clock...
~ tell someone I love that I love them...
~ tell someone I miss that how precious they are
~ stick my tongue out at a stranger... just to freak 'em out.
~ to say a big huge thanks to a shann and also to pasticcio... for the e-cards on the weekend... I love how people magically do stuff like that at just the right moment. :D :D :D Thank you!
~ rays of sunshine find their way to my friend alcestis... the vixen-girl. :D (*vixen = femail fox*)
~ I had remembered to bring the mp3 of the original spider man theme... it makes great "stomping around the desks in a Cirque de Solie kinda march" music.

... and birthdays...

Just to catch up ...
for no other reason that I like to try to be complete and you guys all deserve proper suplication...
so just imagine me waving a palm frond with one hand, and feed'en ya bon bons with the other...
and forgive me for missing your day...

I know I missed jadedfaerie... and that's hardly fair... Happy Birthday Sweets... you've been a patient friend and I don't envy you the complications that being you involves. May your year bring together the threads of life that tie you in happiness Sugar.

Hola Michelle... lique ... Happy Birthday...
You are like a hummingbird... When you are here... I know it and never fail to sit back amazed at what you bring to the table... but you are only here a wee bit... so I fear you will miss this note... either way, you are a treasure among friends and I do sincerily hope that your year brings you peace in your heart and all the love your life can squeeze.

... dakotajoy a friend that found her way into my world and surprised me by the honest approach and the fact that she's here at all (in my world) ... Happy Birthday Sugar Joy. I hope that the lights that guide you, lead you to places close to her heart... you know what I mean. :D

oh... and there's another but that's gonna wait for a minute. ;)

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