Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

b-day for my big guy.

Today is georges birthday...
Seven years ago we zooomed off to the hospital late at night,
Suzanne had taken a quick shower and ended up
on all fours, moaning through contractions while drying her hair.
I was dutifully trying not to get crazy, and focused on tracking
time between contractions.

I will never, ever forget weeping into the phone as I told my
father we had had a boy and what his name was (his middle
name is my and my fathers first name*).

The first years of his life are a wash of vivid memories about
babies, about singing lullaby’s in the middle of the night,
bottles, soothers, and giant teddy bears.

[quite some time ago!]

[click me]

As a toddler, my memories are moved from baby geo to
big brother Geo as his brother was born. And then the
fun began, with learning lessons about parenting, or trying
to. And watching this little slight guy become a little boy.

He has his fair share of issues... but he also has a truly
remarkable desire to be kind. He shares without thinking
and loves without wanting.

[yesterday - blue shirt]

[click me]

I am so very lucky.

*richard andrew william... and I have always been Andrew in our family.
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