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Nothing like a nice hot coffee mug to warm yer mug... er, yer face...

We had a gas last night... we sorta got a late start... but we've been go-go-go for so long, I'm amazed we didn't just pass out in the first place. It was a really nice night with friends. Somehow, those evenings always degenerate into discussions of the most lude topics... starts with underware for some reason and ends up, well... all over the map. Lesbian affairs between the wives, what type of porn turns your crank, bathroom rules of etiquet (and I don't really care how you spell etiquet). We never even got around to playing a game, but they did polish off several bottles of wine, many servings of homemade dumplings and I even managed to catch a visit from the admiral with the hostess, on her back porch.*

Home by about 2:00... kids to bed and pass out without even checking email... (wow!).

~ red sweatshirt... blue sweat pants... and anticipating a shower any moment now...
~ well, the shower...
~ officially taking it easy today.
~ and off to my folks house for a family affair over Geo's Birthday
~ Alias is on tonight!!! *yeah*
~ I had me some lakme... I miss you suzanne.
~ that nobody sues my friend Nola re: trampoline misshaps.
~ for pictures of baby Jarod... er ... Hi debby!! :D

I passed on the street pick up football game today... too tired... but I do hope they ask again... Oh, and Z and Edward made this cute "home made" birthday card that they sent in to the TVO morning Kids Show (the Nook) and they had it on with birthday wishes this morning... :D :D :D ... we taped it! Geo was plenty impressed. He's busy playing "super smash brothers - N64" ... a b-day gifty from Z and I.

Now it's time for a shower and methinks ** I'll find some time for a nostalgic post about Geo. :D

*if that doesn't make sense, get yer mind out of the gutter and rest assured its only a thinly veiled reference to a short meeting with admiral spliff.

** yuk!!! I promise I won't say "methinks" again...
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