Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Sometimes you have to make descisions about what to say... what to do.
The best guidance in the world is the guidance that comes from your heart...
(and don't worry... this is an lj thing... sorta... not a home thing)

The friday web-site picture is here...

~ friday... black pic pic
~ blue jeans
~ two tone blue long sleeve and a v-neck sweater
~ blue finger tips from scraping the ice off my car...
~ this is a fist-full-of-diamonds kinda friday picture, with attitude.
~ once again, up way too early and at a client site for a service window
~ load testing a web / database application
~ writing a S5 update
~ sort through a mountain of paperwork when I can get back to my office.
~ for a good day to overtake movingforward
~ that Miss Vang has heard about the Bon Jovi concert tour "canadian stop" and can afford to go...
~ for some good fortune to walk around the world of my friend sylph
~ to offer up some love and hugs for hisbeauty.... losing a pet is a tough one Laurie... I hope you and your fam are ok.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a particular and precious friends wedding... I must phone her to make sure everything is ok... You and your family are in my heart today Tess... (geekgrrrl)

Ok... I'm on site in the land of golfball clients... found it in a flower pot, and hid it on top of a thermostat... in the middle of a huge wall. sort of "hiding in plain sight". We'll see how long this takes.

See ya.

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